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We are process engineers. And we are experienced in software development, in process optimization, in algorithms and in patents. We are creative, curious and have ideas. And we are convinced, that outstanding solutions often emerge from a synthesis of these qualities.

This is exactly what we offer services for, with our products and our know-how – tailor-made to your projects – for outstanding solutions!

PI process intelligence


PI is an innovative, hardware independent process data platform.

With PI process data are stored at one place, organised, analysed and further processed in own tools. It is possible to develope artificial neuronal nets, show data correlations in heat maps, recalculate measurement intervals and many things more ...

PI is much faster to implement and easier to use than other products because we strongly rely not on ONE single program but on a selection of smart affiliated technologies, each exceptional state-of-the-art in its kind. Additionally we provide all the engineering know-how required to find solutions for every challenge given by a process.

Reference database


Unsere Referenzdatenbank vereinfacht die Organisation von Referenzprojekten: Informationen nur noch an einer Stelle aktualisieren, Unterlagen auf Knopfdruck generieren, einheitliche Layouts realisieren usw.

Mit der Umsetzung als Online-Datenbank können die Referenzen von überall genutzt werden; die Browser-Oberfläche macht die Bedienung zum Kinderspiel...



spreadahead simplifies spreadsheet engineering by combining the advantages of spreadsheet applications with modelling software features and the Wikipedia concept: Often required templates are stored at one place and get inserted by drag-and-drop into your own worksheet.

By this also very complex processes can be modelled fast but secure, the implementation is transparent and all results are intended to be reused.

Features known from modelling software and provided with spreadahead are cloud databases, managed content, full text search, drag-and-drop, user groups and standardized layout.


Process optimisation without software support? New products lacking patent or trademark protection? Plant monitoring and predictive maintenance without process engineering know-how?

Innovativation and competitiveness require knowledge in many fields.

We support your engineering in Feasibility studies, Modelling & Simulation, Troubleshooting on site, Pilot trial support, Plant monitoring, Programming, Source code analysis, Database design, Web design, Migration | Completion | Maitenance of existing (maybe outdated) software projects, Consulting regarding patents | trademarks | designs, Assistance during applications and implementation, Patent monitoring and Patent research

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